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Managing Event Attendees
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The event Attendee tab will contain important information about the attendee, including the Registration Type and documentation of any Additional Items purchased. Each column in the table is described below.


Did you know...Records for event attendees that are not contacts in your database are still stored in the database. Any invoices or payments for these contacts would be located on their Billing tabs. See View Contacts - Event Attendees Potential Contacts for further information.


You can use the Search field, Show Only drop down, or Customize Results at the top of the table to find specific registrants or registrants that meet a certain criteria.



You can add or remove columns from the displayed list, by clicking the   and selecting the columns you wish to display in your list.



The orange Actions button in the top right corner provides a short cut to adding a registration and a variety of reports:



Reg. Id

Clicking on the Reg. Id of a registrant will give you a snap shot of the registration and an opportunity to add any comments. These comments are for internal-use only.


Change the Name of an Attendee

Clicking on the Name of a registrant brings up the Edit Attendee window, allowing you to edit contact information of the attendee, (which you may need for billing or other event-related communication), as well as populate any custom fields set up for the event. This function is useful when you are selling tables of 8, and need to update the Additional Attendee(s).


NOTE: Any edits you make in this window will be reflected in the Contact Record.




Simply a display of the registrant's organization. If the registrant is a non-member and did not enter an organization on the registration form, this will be empty.

Event Status

The event status column displays the registrants current status related to the event. It is a drop-down so registrants can be marked as AttendedNo Show, or Unknown right from the Attendee tab.



Invoice #

Also available on the Attendee Purchases tab, clicking on the Invoice # brings up the Edit Invoice window. This column is color-coded so you can see at a glance which invoices have been paid (green) and which are unpaid (red). If there is not an Invoice # in this column there is no invoice, indicating the registrant selected the Pay at the Door/Please Invoice Me option and they have not yet been invoiced, or it is a free event.

In the Edit Invoice window you can make various edits to the invoice itself. If a payment has been made you can also view the payment history by clicking on the Reference Number in the Payment History section or Download PaymentSend Email, or Create Refund, all available from the Actions button in the Actions column in the Payment History If no payment has been made, the Payment History section will be empty.


NOTE: Any edits you make to the invoice line items here will only impact the invoice, not the actual event. In other words, if you add a line item for an event registration, you are only adding those dollars to the invoice, you are not actually registering them for the event

Registration Type

Simply a display of the registration type. Sorting by this column will put all like-registration types together.

Additional Items

If there are additional items available for purchase during event registration and a registrant purchases 1 or more, the number purchased will appear in this column. Clicking on the number will display the quantity of each item purchased by that registrant, organized by Attendee Items and Registration Items Refer to Additional Items for information on the difference between these types.


From the Actions drop-down on the far-right side you can cancel the registration, edit the attendee (same as clicking on the Name), and print a name badge for this attendee. (You can print bulk badges from the orange Actions button at the top of the screen). If the invoice has not yet been paid, you can also enter a check or credit card payment.

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