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Check In One Attendee at a Time
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When using this option to check in attendees, it is important to note you can only use one computer to check in all attendees. The reason for this is if two computers are being used, and Computer A marks Attendee A as attended, a timestamp is applied to the Attendees tab. Computer B may not have refreshed their Attendees tab, so on their display, Attendee A is still in a Registered status; if Computer B checks in Attendee B, then a new timestamp is applied to the tab and overwrites the previous status, setting Attendee A back to a Registered status while Attendee B is now in Attended status.


It is generally best practice to use the Staff app to check in attendees, either by scanning the QR code they received in their confirmation email, or by manually marking them as attended in the app. You can have multiple staff (or volunteers!) simultaneously using the app to check in attendees.


On the desired event, on the Attendees tab,

  1. Click on the Attendee Status of the registrant you are working with.

  2. In the Edit Attendance/No Shows window, click the Attendee Status dropdown and select the desired status (Attended, No Show, Registered).

  3. Click Done.

The attendee is now updated with the appropriate event status. 

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