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Enable Auto-switch from Annual to Monthly
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To reduce the burden of annual payments for your members, you have the ability to enable Allow Switching from Annual to Monthly Payments. When this option is enabled, your members will be presented with the option when using the payment link within emailed invoices.


  • Must be using GrowthZone Pay
  • Members must store Credit Card when making the switch
  • Bank Account profiles are not supported.

  1. Click Setup in the left-hand navigation panel.
  2. Click Membership Settings in the Membership section.
    Membership settings
  3. Enable Allow Switching from Annual to Monthly.
  4. Click Save.

Optional: Staff can select to receive email notification when someone switches from annual monthly by signing up for the staff notification titled “Membership Switched To Monthly Frequency”. See Subscribe to Automated Staff Notifications for more information. 


  1. When Allow Switching from Annual to Monthly is enabled, members will see a Switch to Monthly payments link when viewing the payment screen for an open membership invoice with annual frequency.
  2. If this option is selected, you will be brought to a new checkout screen that displays the re-calculated monthly amount
  3. On the checkout screen, the member will be prompted to provide credit card information (or select a stored card) and agree to monthly terms. If voluntary fees are included on the invoice, a member can pay a voluntary amount by entering it on the selection screen; This amount would also be included in the recurring autopay.
  4. After checkout is complete, the member will be sent a thank you email that provides the details of their autopay agreement for future reference .
  5. In the back-office, the following will occur:
    • The original invoice will be voided back to the original account.
    • A new invoice is created, dated today
    • An adjustment is added to the membership activity history with the new invoice attached.
    • The previous annual scheduled billing is ended.
    • A new monthly scheduled billing is created.
    • The next bill date for the membership is set to the following month.
    • If signed up for the staff notification,”" Membership Switched To Monthly Frequency” then the staff person will be notified via email of this switch.
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