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Exhibitor Custom Fields
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If you have additional questions or options for your exhibitors to select, you can set up custom fields to include in their registration.

  1. On the Event's Exhibitor Setup tab, find the Custom Fields section and click the black plus icon .
  2. In the "Add Event Exhibitor Custom Field" window, complete the following:

    • Field Area: if setting up a new custom field for this event, select "Event Exhibitor". (Required)
    • Existing Custom Field: if you are using an existing custom field, make your selection here. (NOTE: only existing custom fields of type Event Exhibitor are available to select.) Selecting an existing field will remove the "Field Area" option from the window and will populate the remainder of the fields with the selected field's properties , greying out any changes to the options as shown below:

    • Name (Required if adding a new custom field)
    • Display Name: this is what will display out on the exhibitor registration form. (Required if adding a new custom field)
    • Description: Any additional information you wish to display about this field on the exhibitor registration form. (Optional)
    • Custom Field Data Type: Select the type of data you wish to collect in this field. For more information on custom field data types, see Custom FieldsNOTE: you cannot change a custom field's data type once the custom field has been saved/after you click "Done". Be sure to select the correct data type! (Required if adding a new custom field)
    • Characters Allowed: Limit the number of characters input when using a Text or Multi line Text data type. If you select a different data type, this field is no longer displayed. (Optional)
    • Properties - Define the properties for the custom field:
      • Show on Exhibitor Registration: Select this check-box if you wish this field to be displayed on the registration. 
      • Required for Registrants: Makes the field a required field.
      • Required for Staff: Makes the field a required field for Staff when registering an exhibitor via the back office.
      • Archived: If you no longer wish to use this custom field, selecting this check-box will hide the field from being used in the back office, but historical data will be maintained.
  3. Click Advanced Options to display the Applies to Exhibitor Type (Version 2 Only) option. This allows you to restrict the custom field to a specific exhibitor registration type if needed. (Optional)

  4. Click Done.
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