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Exhibitor Additional Items
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If you wish to sell additional items during the event registration process (for example you may wish to be able to sell wifi access, or need to charge for hardwired internet drops to a booth), these items may be added in the Additional Items section on the event's Exhibitor Setup tab. For more information, see Additional Items.


  1. Click the black plus icon  in the Additional Items section.

  2. Enter a Name for the additional exhibitor item. (Required)
  3. Enter a Description of the item. (Optional)
  4. Select the desired Fee Item from the drop-down list. (Required)
  5. Class Name: if you are using classes in Quickbooks and have set Classes up in your Finance settings, you may select the fee item class from the dropdown. (Optional)
  6. Enter, edit, or accept the default Price(Required)
  7. If you wish to limit the number of additional items you have available to be sold, enter the number in the Items Available (0 if unlimited). Each additional item can have its own specific limit set. Once the limit is reached, the item will be marked with “sold out” in the exhibitor registration. (Optional)
  8. Select the For Staff checkbox if the item is only for staff to select.
  9. Select the For Members check box to allow members to purchase this item.
  10. Select the For Non Members check box to allow non-members to purchase this item.
  11. Select the Is Active check-box to allow the item to be displayed on the event registration form.
  12. Select Sell Item as Yes/No option to only allow the ability to select or deselect the additional item on the exhibitor registration (will not allow a quantity selection).
  13. Click Done.
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