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Create a Component - Exam
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  1. In the Certifications module, select the Components tab. Click the drop down arrow next to the Add Course button and select Add Exam.
  2. In the Add Exam window, configure the following:
    • Enter a Name for the exam.
    • Enter a Code for the exam (optional).
    • Enter a Description of the exam.
    • Enter the Availability Opens date. This indicates when the exam will open.
    • Enter the Availability Closes date. This indicates when the exam will close.
    • Enter the Instructor. This is useful if you need to track who was the instructor for the exam. NOTE: When adding a exam component to an event, you will have the ability to update the instructor for the exam.
    • The Is Active check-box will be enabled by default. Best practice, when a exam is no longer active, is to de-activate the exam.
    • If a staff member is required to approve the component enrollment, enable the Requires Approval option. This creates a checkbox in the Tracking area and requires a staff member to check the box before the member is allowed to proceed.
    • Configure the Upon Completion options (optional) :
      • Hours Earned.
      • Credits Earned.
      • Document Template: if using customized certificate templates for each component, be sure to select the appropriate template from the dropdown. See Setup Component Certificate Templates for more details.
    • Exam Info:
      • Select the Exam Type.
      • Select the Scoring Type.
      • Enter the Max Score and Passing Score. For example, an exam could have a Max Score of 100, with a Passing Score of 75.
    • Add any Objectives (optional). Click the blue plus icon   to add objectives. Add objectives as needed.
    • Add any Prerequisites needed prior to completing this exam (optional). Logic in the system will prevent the applicant from completing this exam if the pre-requisite(s) has not been met. Click the blue plus icon  to add all needed prerequisites.
    • Configure the fees for this exam (optional; only needed if charging a fee for the component aside from an event registration fee):
      • Select the Fee Item from the drop-down list. The Price set for this fee item will automatically be populated. This may be over-ridden as needed.
    • Component of: To add this exam component to an existing continuing ed/certification program, click the blue plus icon  and select the desired program. NOTE: in order for credits/hours to apply, components MUST be attached to a certification. If a default certification is specified in the Continuing Education general settings, this will auto-populate.
  3. Click Done.
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