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Create a Component - Course
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  1. In the Continuing Education module, select the Components tab and click the Add Course button.
  2. In the Add Course window, configure the following:
    • Enter a Name for the course.
    • Enter a Code for the course (optional).
    • Enter a Type for the course (This is optional EXCEPT when setting up COEC/COEN courses for REALTORS® to sync with M1. See Code of Ethics and Continuing Education for more details.)
    • Enter a Description of the course.
    • Enter the Availability Opens date. This indicates when the course will open.
    • Enter the Availability Closes date. This indicates when the course will close.
    • Enter the Instructor. This is useful if you need to track who was the instructor for the course. NOTE: When adding a course component to an event, you will have the ability to update the instructor for the course.
    • The Is Active check-box will be enabled by default. Best practice, when a course is no longer active, is to de-activate the course.
    • If a staff member is required to approve the component enrollment, enable the Requires Approval option. This creates a checkbox in the Tracking area and requires a staff member to check the box before the member is allowed to proceed.
    • Configure the Upon Completion options (optional) :
      • Hours Earned.
      • Credits Earned.
      • Document Template: if using customized certificate templates for each component, be sure to select the appropriate template from the dropdown. See Setup Component Certificate Templates for more details.
    • Add any Objectives (optional). Click the blue plus icon   to add objectives. Add objectives as needed.
    • Add any Prerequisites needed prior to completing this course (optional). Logic in the system will prevent the applicant from completing this course if the pre-requisite(s) has not been met. Click the blue plus icon  to add all needed prerequisites.
    • Configure the fees for this course (optional; only needed if charging a fee for the component aside from an event registration fee):
      • Select the Fee Item from the drop-down list. The Price set for this fee item will automatically be populated. This may be over-ridden as needed.
    • Component of: To add this course component to an existing continuing ed/certification program, click the blue plus icon  and select the desired program. NOTE: in order for credits/hours to apply, components MUST be attached to a certification. If a default certification is specified in the Continuing Education general settings, this will auto-populate.
  3. Click Done to save the new course.
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