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Associate Continuing Education Components to Events
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You can easily offer your continuing education courses using the Events Module. These types of events will display on the calendars you select, and also display as Upcoming Continuing Education Events in the Info Hub.


  1. For the desired event, select the General tab.
  2. In the Continuing Education section, click the   icon.

  3. On the Add Event Certification Component screen, begin typing the name of the desired component OR click the   to add a new component. NOTE: Components MUST be attached to a certification to be tracked. See Create Program/Certification Components for instructions.
  4. (Optional) Enter Hours Earned or Credits Earned. If these have been configured when the component was created, they will be automatically populated.
  5. (Optional) Enter the Instructor. If this was entered when the component was created, it will automatically be populated, but you can over-ride it as needed.
  6. Click Done.


If you wish to add additional components, repeat steps 2 - 5 above.


  • For event registrants who have already enrolled in the associated certification program, the event registration will automatically update the certification progress, for that registrant.
  • For event registrants, who are NOT enrolled in the associated certification program, if the Enroll Attendees To All Relevant Certifications setting is enabled under Certifications General Settings the system will automatically enrolled the registrant in the appropriate certification program. See Configure Continuing Education General Settings for further information.
  • If Enroll Attendees to All Relevant Certifications is not enabled, you will need to enroll the registrant in the program to ensure that the registration in the course is tied to the contact, and associated certification program. See Certification Enrollment for details.
  • Only registrants that are existing contacts in the database will be automatically enrolled in the certification. Hidden contacts, or contacts matched after the fact, will not be automatically enrolled. See Manage Event Registrations for further information.
  • Users that register for an event that is tied to multiple certifications (i.e. 6 sessions each pointing to 6 different certification components), will be enrolled in all 6 of those certifications.
  • When an attendee is marked as Attended in an event, they will automatically be sent a Component Completed certification, via email. (The attendee must exist in GrowthZone as a contact in order for the automated messaging to work; see Matching Registrants to Contacts for more information.)  The document generation template can be selected on a component-by-component basis. If you do not want to send this particular document, you can choose to not send under Setup> Automated Messages.
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