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Internal Redirect URLs
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You can create two kinds of links to use with your Info Hub. You can direct already logged in members to specific pages using an internal redirect URL, which uses their existing, in-use credentials; or you can create static URLs to use outside the Info Hub that will direct members to log in to access the page in question.


Internal Redirect URLs can be used within the Info Hub, and make use of the logged-in user's credentials, allowing them to access the linked page without being prompted to log in (since they are already logged in to the Info Hub). For example, if you want to direct your Info Hub users to check on their Directory Listing information after they log in, you can provide a link in the Info Hub Welcome message to bring them to that page.

To create an Internal Redirect URL, you only need part of the URL for the page in question.

  1. From the back-office, click the Info Hub icon in the header bar.
  2. Click the page within the Info Hub for which you would like to create an internal redirect URL. In the example below, Directory Listing was selected.
  3. Copy the URL and paste into notepad (or similar word tool).
  4. Remove everything in the URL up to the "#" sign (in the example above, you would remove everything except "#/MyDirectoryListing/").
  5. In the back office, go to Setup -> Website -> Info Hub Settings, input your desired message into the Welcome Message box, then highlight the text you wish to link and click the "Insert Link" icon in the editing options.
  6. On the URL line, enter the abbreviated link from your navigation. In this case, the link would be #/MyDirectoryListing/

Now when your members log in to the Info Hub, they will see your customized Welcome Message and clicking an internal redirect link will take them to the page in question using their already verified login credentials; no additional log in is needed.


IMPORTANT: Internal redirect links will only work INSIDE the Info Hub. They will not work in emails, web pages, or other outside messaging solutions.
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