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Add an Event via the Info Hub
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Your members may add event via the Info Hub.


NOTE: Only users with Create or Full Control access to events may add events, and the event must then be approved by staff. Staff who have subscribed to the Event Submitted For Approval will receive a notification that an event has been submitted. See Subscribe to Automated Staff Notifications for details.


Users with Create or Full Control access may add new events via the Info Hub.


  1. Click Events in the left-hand navigation panel.

  2. Click the Add New Event button.


    • Name - Enter a name for the event. This is the name that will display on your web-site.
    • Contact - Enter the contact person for the event.
    • Description - Provide a description of the event. This description will be displayed on your web-site.
    • Location - Enter location information. This information will be displayed on your web-site.
    • Publish Date - Enter the date that you wish to begin displaying this event on your web-site.
    • Start At/End At - This is the start time and end time of the event.
    • Time/Hours Details - This section allows you to enter descriptive information about the time/hours of the event (such as when registration opens, when dinner starts, when auction starts).
    • Organization - The name of your chamber/association will be automatically populated. You may change this to associate this event to a different organization.
    • Email Address- email address you want displayed on the event page
    • Phone- phone number you want displayed on the event page
    • Additional Contact Details - This text box allows you to enter further contact information, i.e. name, phone number, email, etc.
    • Category - To assist you in filtering, sorting and/or report on this event, you may select a category from the drop-down list. This is optional. Click here for further information on setting up Categories.
    • Calendar - Select the calendar(s) on which you want to display this event. The event may be displayed on multiple calendars.
  3. Click Done to save the new event.
  4. The event will display in the window and the member can then add/upload an event image if desired.

If the user has Full Control in the Info Hub, the event is automatically approved. If the user has Create access to events in the Info Hub, staff who have subscribed to the Event Submitted For Approval notification will receive an email, and will have the ability to review and approve (or decline) the "Pending Approval" event via the Events module in the back office.

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