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View Resources in the Info Hub
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Via the Info Hub, you and your members can easily share resources. Your members will also be able to upload files to a My Files folder that would only be visible to that member, but also attached to the member's files tab in the back office. Members may add files, images, videos, etc.


Members must have View access to the Info Hub to see available resources. Additionally, if resources have been limited to particular groups (optional), the members will only see the resources if they belong to the group. See Add Resources to the Info Hub for further instructions.


  1. Click Resources in the left-hand navigation panel. The Resources will display in a card view, with icons and indicators of the file types (spreadsheet/document, PDF, image, video), along with titles, descriptions, a download option if applicable, and the ability to edit or delete the resource if the member was the original submitter.

  2. Clicking into a Resource will display the Resource Name, Category, Lists/Committees shared with, and Date Added. If the member was the submitter of the resource, they may also see an "Edit" button.

The list of resources may be filtered by clicking the Customize Results option, and selecting from the following filters:

  • Resource Type
  • Date Added
  • Lists/Committees
  • Category
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