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Manage AutoPay in the Info Hub
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If a member has selected to enable AutoPay, they can manage their preferences by going to My Billing Info section and opening the Autopay & Billing tab. If AutoPay has been set up, they can click the "Manage AutoPay" button in the Membership Billing section.

The Manage Autopay button on the Autopay & Billing tab

This will open the Edit Membership Details window.

The Edit Membership Details window

In the Edit Membership Details window, under "Automatic Payments", members can make the following selections:

  • All membership items: This will apply the card/account selected in the Payment Profile selector to pay for ALL items on the membership billing, both required and voluntary.
  • Only required membership items: this will apply payment to ONLY the required items on the membership billing. Any voluntary items (items with a "Yes" in the Voluntary column) will remain unpaid.
  • Disabled: this disables the AutoPay; no payments will be automatically made toward membership billing for this membership.

Make any changes and click Done to save your changes.

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