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Sync an Event with Zoom
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We now have the ability to integrate GrowthZone Events with Zoom Meetings. Once the integration with Zoom is enabled, you'll be able to sync your event in GrowthZone to Zoom. 


To sync an event with Zoom, you create the event as you normally would, then you can edit the event's General Information section on the Overview tab:


When synced, GrowthZone will automatically create the event in Zoom. Attendees will utilize the GrowthZone event registration form and be tracked in GrowthZone just like any other attendee. Once registered, they'll be captured in your Zoom event, and will automatically be sent the confirmation email from Zoom.


IMPORTANT! Because all the messaging for a synced event is coming from the integrated solution (Zoom, GoToWebinar), GrowthZone does not send any event confirmation emails or invoice/receipt emails. The GrowthZone confirmation registration page will confirm payment made if any, and the invoice/payment will be visible to the member in their Info Hub My Billing section; invoices and payments will also be visible in the back office (Contact record Billing tab, Event Attendee Purchases tab, Billing module) as with any other invoice or payment.


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