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Set Up Ad Sizes
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Navigate to the Sponsors/Ads module via your left navigation panel and click into the Ad Sizes tab.


Click the "+ Add Ad Size" button.




  • Select an Ad Style from the dropdown menu.
  • Give the ad size an easily identifiable name; this will help if this ad size only appears on a particular page or module (such as the Directory).
  • Specify the width and height of the ad. These fields will populate with defaults according to the ad style selected, but can be changed if needed.
  • "Is Active" should be enabled.



Click Done.


Next you will need to set up the advertisement itself.


IMPORTANT:  If using a “skyscraper” style of ad (tall and narrow, that you want to display on the sides of your webpage), before proceeding you will need to set up custom locations and generate HTML code for those pages, THEN you will follow the steps to set up an advertisement.


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