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Use Case: How Long to Pay Invoices
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Using the Transactions by Contact Report, you can find how long it takes your members to pay their invoices.


  1. Click Reports in the left navigation panel and select Transactions by Contact Report OR go to the Billing module Overview tab and select Transactions by Contact Report in the right hand pane.
    Accessing the Transactions by Contact Report via the Billing module Overview tab
  2. Apply the following filters:
    • Sale Date Range: apply the range you wish to report upon (default is the current month).
    • Transaction Type: Payment
  3. Add the following Field to Display:
    • Invoice Due Date
  4. Make any additional adjustment to other filters and/or Fields to Display as preferred.
  5. Optional: Summarize By Ref Number; this will group the fee items by invoice paid.
    The Transactions by Contact Report, with custom filters applied

Click Run Report in the upper right corner. In this case, for the first quarter of 2023, there were four payments made to invoices dating back to 2019 in some cases:

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