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Transactions by Contact
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The Transactions by Contact report allows you to view transactions recorded for each of your contacts. You can generate the report for an individual contact or multiple contacts. The report, by default, will include all accounting transactions (Invoice, Payment, Over-payments, Refunds, Write-offs, and Credits). This report can be used to review and ensure that you have recorded all transactions for an individual contact or multiple contacts, and if you are a non-accountant who uses accounting data to track event, membership or fundraising items, this is a powerful tool to put to use. 


  1. Click Reports in the Navigation Panel
  2. Select Transactions by Contact.

  3. Select your search filtering criteria. For example, you may wish to generate the report for a specific Good/Service Type to view transactions for just that type.
  4. (Optional): Enter additional Criteria/Filters. For example, if you wish to view transactions for an individual contact, choose Name and enter the desired contact name, as shown below.

  5. Select Display Options:
    • They system is setup with default fields to display in your report. You may add or remove fields by clicking on the Fields to Display drop-down arrow.
    • Select Summarize By criteria. This optional field allows you to select how you wish report results grouped. For example, you may choose to group results by contact name.
    • Display Mode: Select Detail to view all the individual transactions, or select Summary to view the total number of transactions per contact.
  6. Click Run Report.



See the following for Common Report Functions:


Some Transactions by Contact Report Use Cases:


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