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My Billing Info: Autopay & Billing tab
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The Autopay & Billing tab allows your members to manage any stored payment profiles they may have, view their membership (recurring) billing, and manage any autopay options they may have set up.



You can update an existing payment profile by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the stored credit card. NOTE: the only option available is to update the date on an expired card. Any other changes require a new profile to be added, and the old one to be deleted.


IMPORTANT! Members must have at minimum "Delete" permissions in the Individual Billing Info subsection to delete a payment profile. See Change Member Info Hub Access Level for more details.


If the stored payment profile has been set up for autopay, it will be displayed in the Payment Profile column under the Membership Billing details. Your members can select the "Manage Autopay" button to update or disable autopay for their membership billing.



To change the card associated to the autopay, your member can select the preferred card from the Payment Profile dropdown.


To change their autopay options, member can select from All membership items, Only required membership items, and Disabled.

  • All Membership items: this option will automatically charge ALL fees listed in the Membership Items details to the card selected, including any voluntary fees such as donations.
  • Only required membership items: this option will automatically charge only the required fees listed in the Membership Items details; any fees listed as "optional" will not be charged to the card.
  • Disabled: this will disable any autopay to this card; no fees will be charged automatically.


The next available tab is the Billing History tab.

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