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Enroll a Contact from the Continuing Education module: Overview tab
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In your Continuing Education General Settings, the Enroll Attendees to All Relevant Certifications option is enabled by default; this setting will automatically enroll anyone who registers for an event with a certification component attached into the appropriate certification program. The majority of GrowthZone customers will use the Continuing Education module in this way, completely automating the enrollment process. There is nothing else you need to do to enroll attendees to certifications if this setting is enabled for your database.


If the Enroll Attendees to all Relevant Certifications setting is disabled in your Continuing Education General Settings, you will need to manually enroll contacts to their certifications.


On the Continuing Education module's Overview tab, there is an "Action Required" section.



In this section you will find a list of potential enrollees and potentially, some enrolled contacts that require an action (such as admin approval) on a component. To enroll any of the contacts with a "Requires Approval of Enrollment to Proceed" description, click on the checkmark in the Actions column.



You will receive a popup asking for confirmation. If you are sure you wish to enroll this contact in the certification, click OK.


The contact will now be enrolled in the certification and will receive credits for their completed components.


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