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Verify DNS
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In your Email Settings is a section to verify your DNS in GrowthZone. This setup should be completed before you start using GrowthZone to email your members. If your DNS is unverified, you will experience issues in delivering mail to your members, such as GrowthZone-sent emails ending up in a Junk folder or being rejected by email filters or network firewalls.


If you do not know your domain provider, use this site to determine your domain registrar.



To see if your DNS is verified, go to Setup > Communications > Email Settings and look for the DNS section.

Select View Verification Results to see details provided for each domain. 

Did You Know? If GrowthZone is setting up a new website (GZCMS) for you, the web team will either ask for credentials to perform the verification or send instructions on how your webmaster can perform the necessary steps.


If your DNS is not verified, you will want to work with your email administrator to configure the DKIM, SPF, and DMARC records for your domain, then verify your DNS in GrowthZone. If you are comfortable providing login details for your DNS host, GrowthZone Web Support will be happy to assist you. If you do not know your domain provider, use this site to determine your domain registrar.


Sending an email from an unverified domain will show a warning message to the sender. 

Unverified Domain Message

Domain Not Eligible for Verification Message

You may see this message if you have a Gmail, Yahoo, or other "public" email domain in use in your database. 

Domains Not Eligible for Verification

"Public" email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc. are not eligible for verification, as we cannot access the DNS records of those domains. While you can use these kinds of email addresses to send email via GrowthZone, it is likely that your deliverability will be impacted as GrowthZone cannot be added as a verified sender for that domain.

Reverification of Domains

Each year, GrowthZone will run a periodic recheck of DNS settings. Staff can sign up to receive this email by subscribing to the Email Domain Verification Pass/Fail Notification Type


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