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Add a Task
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You and your staff can assign yourselves tasks to keep on top of everything that needs to be accomplished for your association. Tasks are assigned on a contact's tasks tab. Although you may be assigning a task in a contact's record, tasks can only be assigned to your staff and are not visible to your contacts. NOTE: You can also assign a task by logging a note and configuring it with a reminder. See Log Notes/Phone Calls. If you are simply assign yourself a task that is not associated to a contact, assign the task in your own contact record.


  1. For the desired member, click the Tasks tab.
  2. Click Add.
  3. On the Task Item screen configure the following:
    • Assigned To: Select the person you wish to assign this task to. Once the task is saved, the person the task has been assigned to will receive the Task Assigned automated email notification.
    • Task Type: Select a task type from the list. Task types are a way by which you will be able to report, search and filter tasks. If you wish to add a new task, click the   icon. For further information on creating task types, see Task Types.
    • Priority: Select the desired priority for this task.
    • Project: The name of your project will be displayed.
    • Milestone: Select the desired milestone from the drop-down. By using milestones, you can divide the project into specific phases. If you wish to add a new milestone, click the   icon.
    • Task Description: Provide a description of the task.
    • Tasks Items: If the task includes sub items, click the   to add.
      • Enter a name for the sub-task. The completed check-box, and completed date should be left blank when you first are creating the task.
    • To add additional sub tasks, click the  .
    • Status:
      • Start Date: Enter the desired start date for this task.
      • Due Date: Select the desired due date for this task.
      • Estimate Hours: Enter the number of hours that you estimate this task will take to complete.
      • Dependent On: If other tasks must be completed in order to complete this task, select the dependent task(s) from the drop-down list. You will not be allowed to mark this task as completely until the dependent tasks have been completed.
      • Completed On: This is the date that the dependent task is completed. If this task has been completed, the completed date will be automatically populated.
  4. Click Done.
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