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Set up/Manage Staff Login Credentials
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Staff with appropriate privileges will be able to setup new staff members. Once a staff member has been added to the database he/she will receive an email allowing for configuring their password.


Password Rules


When setting up passwords you must follow these password rules:


  • Password Length 10 characters
  • Any combination of letters, numbers or special characters
  • None of the following characters allowed:   #,<, >


Tip! Did you know that the longer the password, the more time it will take a hacker to get the password? Read more about how password length trumps compexity


Password rules apply when a staff member receives an initial email to create login credentials or when they look to reset their password. The screen displays the password rules (as well as a show password option). The staff member will receive an on-screen message if passwords do not match or use characters that are not allowed.


Manage Staff Access


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