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Send Missing Attendee Name Reminder
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As an event manager that needs to get name tags printed out prior to the event, you can send out an email to the main contact for a registration that will remind them of any names they haven’t yet filled in, and ask them to update their names.


IMPORTANT: This option is only available for Table/Team Registration Types, and the "Reserve All Attendees" option must be enabled.


  1. In the event, navigate to the Attendees tab and select the dropdown arrow next to the Add Registration button. Click the Table/Team Management option.
  2. In the Table/Team Management window, select the Request Reserved Attendee Names button.
  3. The Send Email window will open with the suggested email content already loaded, and the primary registration contacts loaded as the recipients. Select the preferred From address and review the email message; configure any other email options as desired (Category, Projects, Scheduled Delivery, etc.).
  4. Send or Schedule the email.

All primary registration contacts with registrations still including "Reserved Attendee" contacts will receive the email and can use the Update My Registration link to enter the appropriate attendee names.

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