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Continuing Education Overview
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Using the Continuing Education module within GrowthZone allows associations to administer, track, and report on the professional certifications of their members. With the proper setup, associations can save themselves and their members time in managing the courses, exams, and other tasks. The module was constructed to handle both complex and simple setups; that being said, the majority of GrowthZone's Continuing Education customers use a simplified version of the setup, addressing the need to track component attendance only. Tracking certification completion and expiration is easily accomplished in the certification setup; setting up prerequisites and objectives is also included. It is important to note that the Continuing Education module does not deliver instruction or coursework, rather, it keeps track of necessary elements and the completion date of each.


Continuing Education Statuses

  • In progress: Contacts currently working towards a program/certification. The status may be automatically set when a contact applies to the certification/program, and participation in the program does not Require Approval, or this may be manually set when staff adds a contact to a certification/program from the back-office.
  • Applied: Contacts who have applied for a program/certification, but have not yet been approved. Only those programs/certifications set to Require Approval will be included in this list. If a program/certification is not set to Require Approval the status will automatically be set to In progress.
  • Declined: Contacts who have applied for a program/certification, but the application was denied. This would be manually set by staff.
  • Active: Contacts you have active certifications. This is automatically set when a program/certification has been completed (whether by system logic, that all components of a program/certification have been completed OR manually by staff if the program/certification completion requires approval).
  • Inactive: This status may be manually set by staff, for example, if someone has signed up for a certification/program, but has not been working towards its completion.
  • Expired: Contacts whose certifications have expired. Expiration dates for certifications are configured at the certification program level.
  • Not Completed: Contacts who did not complete the necessary certification work in the time allotted. This would be manually set by staff, there is no automated logic behind this status.
  • Admin Review: Contacts who have completed the necessary work, but whose certification must be approved by an administrator.
  • Expiring: Contacts whose certification is nearing expiration. Contacts will be marked as expiring base on the Send 'Certification Expiring' Emails n Days Before Expiration setting you have configured under Setup > Certification > General Settings.
  • Cancelled: Contacts whose certification has been cancelled. This would be manually set by staff, there is no automated logic behind this status.
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