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Continuing Education Example: A Simple Setup
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This article will step you through how to set up a super-simple continuing education program in GrowthZone. This setup makes the following assumptions:


  • No customization of program or component certificates (here are instructions, but we won't cover them in this article!)
  • No fees being charged
  • No objectives being used
  • No categories being used
  • No prerequisites being used
  • No Terms & Conditions applied
  • No need to track "completion" of the "certification"; only accumulated hours/credits


In essence, we are setting up the ability to track and report on accumulated hours/credits from components. That's it.



Download the Handout



Did you know? With a certification program set as default, when adding components via events, they will automatically attach to that certification.



IMPORTANT! GrowthZone will only track credits/hours for contacts in the database. Match contacts in events prior to check in to ensure credits/hours are recorded appropriately!


Once the attendee is marked as attended, the credits/hours will be recorded in the certification and any progress will be visible to the member via the Info Hub (if enabled).


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