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NAR E-Commerce Processing Refunds
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If needed, you can easily process refunds from your GrowthZone software. See Process Refunds - Credit Card Processing - Integrated or Process Refunds - ACH - Integrated.


IMPORTANT: Contractually, the E-commerce network will not allow one association to automatically debit the bank account of another association. For example, the ABC Local Association cannot initiate an E-Commerce transaction that is going to debit the bank account of the XYZ State Association, or the National Association. So if the original transaction sent by the local association was used to distribute dues payments among the local, state and national, the local association using this request can only debit their own bank accounts.

NAR E-Commerce provides the following best practice:

The original Purchase totaled $350. The distribution was $84 to National, $70 to state, and $196 to local. The local association (the original Association ID in the Purchase) could use this transaction to refund the member’s credit card the $350 total. The total will all come out of the local association’s bank. We recommend that the local contact their state and national association first to see if those two entities will agree to this refund. If they agree, then the state and national could then send an EFT transfer for the original net amount they received to the local’s bank account who could then use this transaction to refund the member’s credit card in total from the local association’s bank account. This is one way to credit the member’s credit card in whole rather than crediting the member’s credit card for just the local amount and then the local writes the member a check once the local receives the state and national dues back from those two entities.
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