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Add A Staff Member
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Once a new staff member has been added into the database and linked to the organization, you can then add them as staff to the Staff Access area. This sends them an invitation email to set up their username and password for their back office access.


  1. In the left Navigation Panel, click Setup.
  2. Click Staff Setup in the Staff and Users Access section.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. Configure the following:
    Adding a new staff member with back office access
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Title (optional)
    • Access Level: Select the access level you wish to assign to this staff member
    • Primary Contact / Password Reset Email: Enter an email address for the user. This email address is used to send an initial email to the user to complete their login credentials, and is also used when an email needs to be sent to reset a password. If you begin typing the email, the system will match to the contact's existing email address.
  5. Click DoneNOTE: The Is Active box will enable itself automatically once the staff member has created their username and password.


An email will be sent to the staff member. Within the email is a link to create their account. The link is valid for 72 hours. If they do not create their credentials in the 72 hour window, they will receive an error. In this circumstance, you would need to resend the log-in setup email. In this circumstance, you can resend the instructions email. Click Here for further information on resending instructions.


NOTE: If the user is a staff member in multiple GrowthZone instances, you can click Advanced Options to assign their login from another tenant. See Add Staff Member with Access to Multiple Databases
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