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Create a Category List
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It is recommended that you use categories:

  • If they are intended for public or internal use and you wish to segment records into groups
  • If you wish to allow visitors to your directory, web content, events, etc. ability to filter to specific categories
  • If you wish to display the information publicly and in the Info Hub
  • If you wish to track specific information about a contact, and have it visible on the Profile tab. Similar to custom fields, but better visibility

You can compare the usages of Categories, Tags, and Custom Fields here.


To create your Category List:

  1. Select Setup in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click Category Lists in the Categories section.
  3. Click the Add button.
  4. In the Add Category List window, make the following selections:
    • Choose the appropriate Category Type. The type is important as it will drive where the category list is available in the future. For example, if you are creating a category list for Events, select Event.
    • Provide a Name for the category list.
    • (Optional) Add a Description if needed. This is for internal purposes only.
    • Other Options:
      • Is Active will default to be checked, this allows the category to be used in the software. When a category list is no longer needed, best practice will be to de-activate the category list rather than deleting.
      • (Optional) If you would like the option to add this category as a filter for your directories, events, web content etc., check the box for Available to Public?
        NOTE: Some of your category lists may be for internal use only, in which case you would not enable this option.
      • (Optional) If you wish to allow members to view this category list in the Info Hub, check the box for Available to Members (Info Hub).
        NOTE: Some of your category lists may be for internal use only, in which case you would not enable this option
    • (Optional) Click the Advanced Options check-box to configure the following:
      • Allow Members To Edit (Info Hub): Enable this option if members should be allow to make changes to this category list in the Info Hub. This will also display the category list name even when no categories are selected.
      • Is Required: If you are creating a business or individual contact category list, and you wish to display this category on the members profile tab even if a category has not been assigned, check the Required box. This allows the category list to act much like custom fields, with high visibility on the profile tab.
      • Minimum Quantity/Maximum Quantity: This settings allow you to limit the number of categories that may be selected from this list.


Click Done to save the new list.

Once the assigned Name appears in the Category List, click on the Name to add items to the category list. You may add multiple items at one time by clicking the Add Multiple button  , adding one item per line. Or you may use the Add button   to add one item to the list.

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