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View or Create your Membership Application Form
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The right application can make a huge difference in convincing interested individuals to sign up for membership. And then once they join, GrowthZone can make managing your members easier. A default application form is setup in your system. You may use it as it is configured, or you may customize to better meet your needs.


NOTE: Two versions of the Membership Application form are available. Version 2 is the latest version, and must be enabled (under Setup > Membership Settings) if you wish the following on your membership application:

  • Hide prorated amounts
  • Add-on items
  • Allow multiple membership type selection
  • Enable Capture Payment after membership approval 

See Global Membership Settings for further instruction on enabling V2. NOTE: Accepting Donations and Promo Code Discounts are not supported by the V2 membership application.


  1. Click Setup in the Navigation panel.
  2. Click Application Forms in the Memberships section. A list of Membership Application Forms currently setup in your system will be displayed. If needed, click the Add button to create your new membership application; otherwise, click the link for the Application Form you wish to edit.
    The Membership Application screen.
  3. On the Add/Edit Membership Application Form screen, you may choose to customize the following:
    • Name: Provide a name for the application form. This name is used internally.
    • Description: Provide a description of the application form. This description is used internally.
    • Options: Select the desired options for this application form:
      • Collect Donations: REQUIRES THE FUNDRAISING MODULE. Select this check-box if you would like to collect donations to your fundraisers from the individuals completing the application form. If selected, you will have the option to select the campaigns you wish to display on your application from the Display Only These Campaigns drop-down list. You must subscribe to the GrowthZone Fundraising module AND be using Membership Application V1 to allow this functionality.
      • Display Membership Type Description: Select this check-box if you would like the membership type description to be displayed on the application form.
      • Allow Single Chapter Selection: If you are using Chapters, select this check-box to allow applicants to select their chapter when filling in the application form. This option should only be selected if you allow for selection of only one chapter during the application process.
      • Display Membership Benefit Description: Select this check-box is you would like to display benefit package information on the application.
      • Automatically Approve Applications: Select this check-box if you want to automatically approve on-line applications. If this is not selected, the new applicant will be available in your database, but their membership status will be listed as Pending Approval until a staff member has approved.
      • Order Memberships Lowest Price First (if not selected, the order will be highest price to lowest): Select this option if you wish to order your memberships from lowest price to highest price when displayed on your web-site. If not selected, the order will be highest to lowest.
      • Hide Pricing on Membership Selection: Enable this option if you do not wish to show membership prices on the first page of your application form. If enabled, pricing will only be displayed once a member reaches the payment page.
    • Show Additional Confirmation: If this option is enabled, a popup will appear on the application when the applicant clicks Submit. This would allow the applicant an option to confirm their agreement before final submission. When this option is enabled, you will be to define the Additional Confirmation Message you wish to have appear on the pop-up.
    • Collect Lists/Committees Subscriptions: If selected, the lists/committees that you have configured as Public Can Join will be displayed on the application form. Applicants would then be able to select the groups they wish to join.
    • Display Only These Memberships: This option allows you to select which memberships to display on-line. By default, all memberships will be displayed, but you may change this if you wish to not display only certain memberships on your application form. NOTE: If you wish to allow applicants to choose multiple membership types, enable Allow Multiple Membership Purchases on Member Application under Setup > Membership Settings. See Global Membership Settings for further information.
    • Hide Prorated Total: Select this option if you wish to hide the proration totals on your application. When this is selected only full term amounts will be shown on the Membership Application, the Due Today row will not be displayed.
    • Display matches for Businesses: Enable this option if you would like type ahead functionality to display matching businesses when an applicant enters the organization name. This will help prevent duplicate records in your database.
    • Display existing businesses only: If this option is enabled an applicant must type in and choose a business that already exists in your database. This is generally used in the realtor edition to ensure that an agent's office is already a contact in your database.  
    • Capture Payment Profile and Charge on Approval: Enable this option if you wish the system to only charge credit cards once you have approved the membership application. When this option is enabled the applicant will be required to store their credit card when on the application payment screen. See Capture Payment Profile and Charge on Application Approval for further information.
    • Include these Membership Add-ons: Select the addons that you would like to include on your membership application. See Membership Application Addons for further information.
    • Email To Send On Completion: An email will be automatically sent to the applicant when the complete the application. Select the email you wish to send from the drop-down list. A default Membership Application Confirmation Email template is selected, however, you may select a different template. Click here Communications Basics - Create and Manage Email Templates for further details on working with email templates.

    • Instructions: Enter the instructions that you would like to display on the application form. You may use the standard word processing icons (i.e. bolding, italicizing, etc.) to format the text. You may also add images and/or links to the instructions.
    • Completion Message: Enter the message you would like to appear when the applicant completes the application. You may use the standard word processing icons (i.e. bolding, italicizing, etc.) to format the text. You may also add images and/or links to the message.
  4. Additional settings for the Member Application Form may be displayed by clicking the Advanced Options check-box.
    • Submit Button Text: You can customize the text displayed on the submit button.
    • Completion Page Url (Ex: Enter the URL of the page you would like the applicant to be sent to after completing the application.
    • After Completion, Create a new Hub account: Select this checkbox if you would like the applicant to create their log-in to the Info Hub after submitting the application. A Create an Account in the Hub button will be included on the application submitted confirmation page. NOTE: Automatically Approve Applications MUST be enabled for this option to appear. 
    • Destination Url within Hub (empty if Home): You may enter a page specific URL for the Info Hub. For example, if you would like them to land on the account tab. If this is left blank, the page will open on the home page.
    • URL - The URL for the membership application form is displayed. You make click on it to preview our application form.
  5. Click Done to save the application form.


NOTE: The questions included on your membership application form are driven by the field that you have have associated to your membership types. See Setup Membership Application Form Fields/Questions for further information.

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