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Special Topic: Font Awesome Icons

You can customize the icons used for directory(s) in the left hand navigation of the InfoHub using free Font Awesome icons. (If you have multiple directories, this is a great way to differentiate them on the Info Hub.) Here is a brief walkthrough of how to sign up for Font Awesome and find the icons that will work wit…

Update Directory Listing Information in the Info Hub

![][1] **NOTE:** The member must have **Create** access level to the **Directories** to be able to update the directory listing settings. See **[Setup InfoHub Access][2]** for details on access levels. The settings available to be updated will be dependent on the directory listing type this member has been provided.…

Publish GrowthZone Content on Your Web Site

Several modules from your GrowthZone Database can easily be added to your website. You can add the following, depending on which modules you have enabled with your subscription package: * Directories * Event Calendars * Web Content (Blogs, News Releases, Job Postings, Deals) * Forms * Membership Application…

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