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Hide the "My Files" tab in the Info Hub Resources

If your organization is uploading and storing sensitive information/files in your contact record "Files" tab in the back office and you don't want those files visible to your members in the InfoHub Resources, you can disable the "My Files" tab in the Resources area. 1. Go to **Setup -> Website -> Info Hub Settings*…

Member Enrollment via the Info Hub

Your members can easily view available programs/certifications, and enroll, via the Info Hub. See [Enroll in a Certification Program from the Info Hub ][1]for further details. ![][2] [1]: [2]: https://hf-files-…

Assign Member Access Level

* * * The actions that your members may perform via Info Hub are driven by the **Access Level** you have granted to them. By default, your new contacts will be given "View Only" access to the hub when you first set them up. "View Only" will allow the member to view the Info Hub, and update their own info, access thei…

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