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CONTENTS - Continuing Education

* [Continuing Education Overview][1] * [Continuing Education Statuses][2] * **RECOMMENDED: **[Continuing Education Use Case: A Simple Setup][3] * Continuing Education Initial Setup * [Configure Continuing Education General Settings][4] * [Configure Continuing Education Categories][5] * [Set up Co…


* [Overview][1] * Customize the Info Hub * [Customize Info Hub Colors][2] * [Customize Info Hub Home Page][3] * [Customize Home Page Referral Message][4] * [Customize Referral Form Message][5] * [Customize Event Calendar View in the Info Hub][6] * [Auto Approve Events Submitted via Info H…

CONTENTS - Event Management

* [Events Initial Setup][1] * [Events Default Settings][2] * [Additional Considerations][3] * Event Categories: [Organize and filter][4] * Event Calendars: [Create and/or edit ][5] * Event Automated Messaging: [Review and customize][6] * [Set Up Goods & Services for Your Event][7] …

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