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Create an Objective in a Category/Sub-category

Objectives are the skills/knowledge that is required. They are added to Collections and can be “stand alone” or assigned to a Category. 1. On the **Objectives** tab, click on the desired **Collection Name**. ![][1] 2. Click on the ![][2] icon in the **Actions** column of the Category/Sub-Category to which you …

Create an Objective Sub-category

1. On the **Objectives** tab, click the name of the Objective Collection you wish to work with. 2. Click on the Folder icon ![][1] in the Actions column of the Category/Sub-Category to which you wish to add a sub-category. ![screenshot][2] 3. In the **Add Objective Category** window, configure the following: …

Objective Categories

An **Objective Category** is a division of a **Collection** into which **Objectives** (or other Objective Categories, called **Sub-Categories**) are entered. They are not required but can be helpful to associations that have a narrow collection of objectives that go fairly deep. Categories can have sub- categories, an…

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