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Additional Considerations

Before creating events in your system, there are a few additional steps you should take after setting up your Events Global Settings. * [Categories][1]: Categories allow you to create filtering and reporting options for your events. * [Calendars][2]: To display your events (whether publicly, member only, or inter…

Set Up Store Categories

Using categories in your store will make it easy for visitors to your store to find just what they are looking for. Setting up your store categories is a two step process, first you will setup the category list, then you will add the categories to your store. ![][1] 1. Click **Setup** in the left-hand navigation p…

Create and Manage Email Templates

* * * Email templates provide an easy way to respond to standard email tasks. For example, you may wish to send a thank you email to all those who have attended an event. You can create (or customize a default) template that can be used consistently for all of your events. This will allow you to efficiently send emai…

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