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Manage Contact Category Assignment
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It is recommended that you use categories for your members:


  • If they are intended for public or internal use and you wish to segment records into groups
  • If you wish to allow visitors to your directory, web content, events, etc. ability to filter to specific categories
  • If you wish to display the information publicly and in the Info Hub
  • If you wish to track specific information about a contact, and have it visible on the Profile tab. Similar to custom fields, but better visibility.

See more information on Category List Options,  and Creating a Category List.

View Category Assignment

On the Contact Profile tab, you will be able to view the Category Lists and the Categories to which a contact has been assigned. In the example below, the contact is assigned to Computer & Telecomm; Finance & Insurance in the Business Category list. Notice that the Languages Spoken category list is also displayed, however no categories have been assigned. Category list that you have configured as required will always be displayed on a members profile tab.

Assign Categories to Members

  1. Select the contact's Profile tab.
  2. In the Categories section, click the Orange pencil Icon.jpg pencil icon adjacent to Categories. A list of all categories that are configured in your system will be displayed. OR If you have previously assigned a contact to a category within a category list, you can click the pencil icon adjacent to that category list to select categories.

  3. Click the check-box for those categories to which you wish to associate this contact.
  4. Click Done.


Unassign a Member from a Category

  1. Select the contact's Profile tab.

  2. In the Categories section, click the   pencil icon adjacent to Category(ies) you wish to remove. A list of all categories, in the category list, will be displayed.

  3. Deselect the categories that you wish to remove.
  4. Click Done.



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