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Search NRDS for an Agent
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Best practice when working with your agents is to always search the M1lo database to verify whether a record exists for the agent. By searching the database, you ensure that there is no duplication of records. Additionally, by searching NRDS you can determine if the member is active in NRDS at another Association and they will need to add in their Association as the secondary.


  1. For the desired agent, click the Real Estate tab.
  2. Click the Search NRDS/Add Member button.
  3. Enter search criteria. Adding more information to your search criteria can help increase the accuracy and speed of the search results that will display. You may search on any combination of fields with the exception of the First Name only, Member Office State only, and RE License only. Wildcard searches, * "begins with only", can be performed on the First Name if it is used in combination with the Last Name.
  4. Click Search NRDS. If results are found, they will be displayed on screen.
  • If this is a new agent (has not had a NAR membership previously), and you are the POE, no matching agent should be found. Click the Create New button to add the new agent to the NRDS database. See Add an Agent (Primary).
  • If a matching agent is found in NRDS, and you are not intended to be the POE enter this agent as a secondary record. See Add an Agent - Secondary.
  • If a matching agent is found active with another POE, and you wish to transfer to your board, enter this a secondary record, then transfer to your board.
  • If a matching agent is found in NRDS, but is inactive. Do NOT sync the agent with NRDS. You will need to go to the NRDS database and setup the agent appropriately.

NOTE: When you select a match from the search results, the following information is returned:
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Last Name
  • Generation
  • Member Type
  • Member Status
  • MLS Association ID (Regional MLS if any)
  • Office ID
  • Office Name
  • Office City
  • Office State
  • Office Zip
  • Primary Local Assoc ID
  • Primary State Assoc ID


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