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Set Up "No Show Fees" for your Events
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You may configure "No Show Fees" for attendees that register for events but do not attend and do not cancel their registration. These fees will be automatically added to any future registration invoices for attendees that registered for an event but did not attend or cancel in advance.

IMPORTANT! If implementing no show fees, event contacts must be fully matched to existing contacts in the database; unmatched or Not in CRM contacts will NOT accrue no show fees if they are not matched.


  1. Configure an event category for any events instituting a no-show fee.
  2. Create a good/service item for your no-show fee. Select the "Event no show fee" type.



  1. Enable the "Charge No Shows Late Fee" option in your Event Settings.

    • Click the blue "+" icon to add a no show fee
    • Select the "No Show" event category you added/created in Step 1.
    • Select the good/service item you added/created in Step 2.
    • Adjust the price if needed.
    • Adjust the "Days To Lookback For Prior No Show" (this will set the number of days previous the system will look for a registration flagged as a no show; 0 is unlimited)
    • Enter your No Show Policy (this will display at the bottom of the registration page when an event is assigned a category with a No Show Fee configured)

  2. Create or edit an event as usual. Make sure to select a category with the No Show fee configured if you wish to charge a no show fee. If an attendee is a no show at an event that includes a category with a no show fee assigned, and if the event they did not attend is within the lookback days range, the next time they attempt to register for an event they will see a notification of the no show fee on their registration.

NOTE: If a staff user fills out the event registration form on behalf of an attendee that was a no show at a previous event, the no show fee does NOT get added. The fees will only apply when the attendee fills out the form on their own either by logging in with a username and password or by searching by email address.

RECOMMENDATION: Best Practice is to only have one event category with an assigned no-show fee PER EVENT. If an event is assigned multiple categories that have no-show fees configured, the registration may "stack" multiple no show fees.
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