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Event Settings Defaults
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The Event Settings options allow you to configure the defaults to be used for your events. Setting up the defaults will save you time when creating events, and may be over-ridden as needed for individual events.



  1. Select Setup in the Navigation panel.
  2. Click Event Settings in the Event section.
  3. On the Event Settings screen, you may configure the following to be the default for the events that you will set up:
    The Event Settings options
    • Payment Gateway - Select the payment gateway you wish to use by default for your events. (Requires Integrated Payment Processing)
    • Invoice Line Item Description Option - Select what you like to be included in the invoice line items.
    • Display Registration Descriptions by Default - Select this option if you wish to display the description of a registration fee on the event registration page, as shown below. If this option is not selected, the description will be displayed when a registrant clicks on the registration type.
      A Registration Type Description displayed by default
    • Enable Individual Custom Fields on Registration Form: Select this option if you wish to include individual custom fields on your event registration pages. Data entered into these fields during the registration process will then tie back to the contacts (if they exist) in your database and will display on the "More Info" tab, and are usually able to be used in merge fields for emails and certificate templates.
    • Confirmation HTML for Event Attendee Registration - Enter the confirmation that you would like displayed to registrants after they have completed their registration. This confirmation message is also included in the Registration Confirmation email.
    • Confirmation HTML for Event Sponsor Registration - Enter the confirmation that you would like displayed to a sponsor after they have completed their registration. This confirmation message is also included in the Registration Confirmation email.
    • Default Contact For Event Approval Tasks - Select the individual who will be responsible for approving events submitted from the website or the Info Hub.
    • Display Associated Individuals Upon Email Match - This setting determines whether individuals on an event registration form can view other individuals at their company after confirming their identity via e-mail address only. The setting is off by default. When enabled, anyone could enter the email address for one person at the company and view information for other employees at that company as well.
    • Default Calendar - You can select a default calendar on which you'd prefer your events to appear. This can be changed if needed when setting up new events.
    • No Show Fees: See Set up "No Show Fees" for Your Events for more details. 
      • Charge No Show Fee on Subsequent Registration - enable this option if you wish to charge attendees who register for an event, do not cancel their registration, and do not attend a "penalty" fee, to be assessed on their next event registration.
      • Event Category Item - events with this category assigned will assess a no show fee. You can have multiple categories for differing no show fees, but should use only one category per event.
      • Saleable Item - this is the good/service item that will be added to the next registration.
      • Price - you can customize the no show fee amount if needed.
      • Days to Lookback for Prior No Show - the system will look back over registrations/attendance within the window specified. NOTE: once a no show fee has been assessed for an event, it will not be assessed again.
      • No Show Policy - if you are enacting a no show fee, we recommend you enter a No Show Policy so attendees are aware that by not attending they may incur a fee on their registration.
  4. Click Save to save your changes.
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