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Send Event Invitations
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You can easily send and resend event invitations within GrowthZone.



  1. Click on the three dots at the top of your event.
  2. Select Send Event Invite Email.


  3. This will trigger the Send Email window with the Event Invite template already selected.

    The template includes event specific information, as you have it entered on the event's Overview tab. You may edit the email in the Send Email window prior to sending as needed, or customize the template to meet your specific needs. See Create and Manage Email Templates for further instructions.

If you want to schedule the email to be sent at a future date, enter a date in the Delay Delivery Until text box. See Schedule an Email for more information.


If you have previously sent an Event Invite, you can select to Exclude Already Registered (if a contact has already registered for the event), Exclude Declined (if a contact declined the previous invitation), and/or Exclude Previously Invited (if the contact has already received an invitation).


Once the email has been sent you can View Email Delivery Statistics to see bounce rates, open rates, and other email delivery information.

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