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Send a Mass Email
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GrowthZone provides you with an Address Book where lists/committees that you have created and dynamically created grouping have been created. For example, the system has dynamically created a group of all of your active members. Other dynamically created groups include member categories, event registrants, event attendees, event sponsors, etc.


To send an email using the address book:


  1. Use the "Send Email" action to open the "Send Email" window. This can be located in many places throughout the software- in a contact record, in the communications module, in an event, in the billing module, etc.
  1. On the Send Email screen, click the ellipsis icon   to the right of the To field to open the address book.

  2. Enable or disable the filters as needed.

    You can filter by:
    1. Lists/Committees: current active lists/committees. (Default)
    2. Categories: current active categories in your database. (Default)
    3. Tags: current used tags in your database. (Default)
    4. Membership Types: current active membership types in your database.
    5. Membership Status: Active and/or Courtesy only.
    6. Event Registration Status
  3. Select the desired group(s). You may select as many as needed.


  4. Click Done.
  5. If you wish to exclude any recipients from the email, enter the email addresses in the Exclude Sending to Contacts on List
  6. Complete your email as desired and send it.

When sending a mass email all participants will be displayed in the "To" line if the number of recipients is less than or equal to th eBul E-Mail Threshold in  your communications settings. If the number of recipients is greater than this numbber email addresses will be blind copied.  See Configure Visibility of E-mail Addresses when sending a Mass E-mail (Email Bulk Mode Threshold)


You can also send an email to multiple contacts within the contacts module. See  Communicate with many contacts from within the Contacts module.
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