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Exhibitor Registration Types
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Here is where you set up your exhibitor registration types. It is very similar to setting up Attendee Registration Types!

  1. Click the plus icon    in the Exhibitor Types section.
    Adding an Exhibitor Registration Type
  2. In the Add Exhibitor Type window, complete the following:
    The Add Exhibitor Type window
    • Name (Required)
    • Total Quantity of this Type (Optional): this allows you to limit the number of booths of this type available. 
    • Description (Optional): additional description of the booth/exhibitor type. 
    • Included Attendees/Tables/Teams:
      • Registration Type: If your exhibitor registration includes attendees, select the attendee registration type you wish to have exhibitor attendees use. If needed, you can create a new registration type "on the fly" by clicking the gray plus icon  to the right of the selection dropdown. You may use any standard attendee registration type for your exhibitor registration types.
      • Quantity Included: enter the number of attendees included with the sponsorship. If there are no limits for number of sponsor attendees, enable the Unlimited checkbox. Enabling this will enter "255" in the Quantity Included field and will make it uneditable.
        IMPORTANT! If selecting a table/team registration type, use the number of Table/Team registration types included. For example, if you're including 4 attendees and have a Table/Team registration type set up for 4 attendees, you would enter "1" for the Quantity Included since the 4 attendees are contained within a single registration type.
    • screenshot

      On the registration form, the infinity symbol will appear next to the Included Attendees column:

      And all additional Exhibitor Staff will be discounted to $0:

    • Base Fee Items (Required): Click the blue plus icon   and select the good/service item(s) for the cost of the exhibitor registration fee (i.e. the cost of the booth). Add or adjust the Class Name, Description, and/or Price if needed. 
    • Booths (Optional): Click the blue plus icon  to specify the booth number(s) for the exhibitor registration type here. Single booth numbers can be entered by using the same number for both "Starting Number" and "Ending Number". When registering, exhibitors will have the ability to look at a venue map and select a booth number from the range specified here. When a booth number is taken, it is removed from the available range so no two exhibitors may register for the same booth.
  3. Complete all required fields and click Done.


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