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Enroll a Contact from the Contact's Profile
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In your Continuing Education General Settings, the Enroll Attendees to All Relevant Certifications option is enabled by default; this setting will automatically enroll anyone who registers for an event with a certification component attached into the appropriate certification program. The majority of GrowthZone customers will use the Continuing Education module in this way, completely automating the enrollment process. There is nothing else you need to do to enroll attendees to certifications if this setting is enabled for your database.


If the Enroll Attendees to all Relevant Certifications setting is disabled in your Continuing Education General Settings, you will need to manually enroll contacts to their certifications.


Using the Contact's Profile Tab

  1. On the Contact's Profile tab, click the plus sign  in the Certifications section.

  2. In the Add Certification Contact Enrollment window, configure the following:
    • Select the desired Certification Program from the drop-down list OR click the gray plus icon   to create a new certification program.
    • Select In Progress from the Certification Status drop-down list.
    • Enter the Started date. This is the date that the contact began the certification program.
    • If applicable, enter the Completed On date. This is the date the contact completed the certification program.
    • Once the certification is active, the Expires date will be calculated based on the Expires (in months after completion/activation) setting configured for the certification program.
    • Additional options will appear if the Certification Program selected has a fee attached:
      • Fee Item
        • The Fee Item will automatically be populated with the fee item configured when the certification program was set up. You may override this if needed by selecting a different fee item from the list.
        • The Description will be automatically populated with the description configured for the fee item. You may override this if needed and type in a different description.
        • The Price will be automatically populated with the price configured for the fee item. You may override this and enter a new price if needed.
      • Invoice Options:
        • Select the desired invoice delivery option: Print or Email.
        • Select the desired Billing Contact, then select the correct Billing Address and Billing Email for the invoice.
        • (Optional) Select Invoice Terms. If no terms are selected, the default configured in your Finance Settings will be used.
        • (Optional) Enter a Invoice Message to be included on the invoice.
    • % Complete and Hours/Credits Earned will be automatically updated by the system, dependent on status of this contact's certification.
    • Completed components and attached Files will display as the contact moves through the certification program.
  3. Click Done.
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