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Pay an Invoice in the Info Hub
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  1. Click My Info in the Navigation Panel.
  2. Click the Billing tab.

  3. Click the arrow on the Actions button for the invoice to be paid.

  4. Click Enter Credit Card.

  5. Enter Credit Card Information OR select a previously stored credit card. If entering a new credit card, you may elect to store the credit card for future purchases by enabling Store Payment Info For Future.
  6. Select the invoices you wish to pay. NOTE: If you wish to pay invoices for other contacts related to the organization, enable the Advanced Options and enable the Display Related Contacts' Invoices. The invoices for all contacts related to the organization will be displayed in the invoice list for selection.
  7. Click Done.


When an invoice is paid on line, the member will receive the automated On-line Payment Receipt e-mail.



Additionally, an automated message is sent to those staff members who have signed up for the Invoice Payment Received email notification. See 

Subscribe to Automated Staff Notifications for further information on subscribing to email notifications.


NOTE: When a user makes a credit card payment on multiple invoices, if the amount paid does not exactly match the invoices selected, the message "The payment amount must not be greater than the selected invoice(s) balance total" will be displayed. If the user is making a partial payment, the message that when paying a partial payment on multiple invoices, users are aware of this, by showing them a message "You appear to be making a partial payment. Is this correct?..." will be displayed. The contact will only be able to make a partial payment if "Allow Partial Payments" is enabled under Finance Settings and partial payments will apply to the largest items first. See Manage Partial Payments for more information.
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