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Bulk Unsubscribe
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Sometimes it may be necessary to unsubscribe a list of contacts all at once. If this is needed, you can use the Bulk Unsubscribe option. You can find this in the Setup area, under Communications.


  1. Go to the Setup area and find the Communications section. Click the "Bulk Unsubscribe" link.
  2. Make sure the file is prepared appropriately. This upload only supports a CSV formatted file, and must have a column named either Email or Email Address.

    In the video, we ran a Contacts Report to generate the list to unsubscribe, exported it to Excel, removed the extraneous columns and renamed the Default Email column to just Email as per the instructions for the upload. Then we saved it as a CSV file, and will use that to import.
  3. When we upload the file using this tool, GrowthZone will match the email addresses in the file to contacts in your database, and will set those email addresses to "Only Transactional Emails", meaning they will only receive emails from GrowthZone that are related to invoicing. No communications via bulk emails, marketing automation, or lists will be sent to those contacts.
  4. Once the import is complete, check one of your contact records included in the upload; their email will now display "Only Transactional Emails" and will only receive invoicing and receipt-based communications.

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