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Contacts Report
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The Contacts Report provides you the flexibility to generate a list of your contacts based on a variety of different criteria, as well as custom filters. For example, if you wish to generate a list of all of you prospective members, you can filter the report based on Membership Status.

The following standard filtering criteria are available:


  • Membership Status
  • Membership Type
  • Membership Category
  • Contact Type
  • Assigned To
  • List/Committee
  • Tags
  • Last Communication Date
  • Directory


You may choose to display only Primary Reps or Active Reps in your results.


  1. Click Reports in the Navigation Panel
  2. Select Contacts Report.
  3. Select your search filtering criteria. If you want all records from the directory, do not choose the Contact Type. You can specify Individual or Business if that filter is needed. For best results on a filter, use the "Contains" option rather than "Equals" and "Not Equals".
  4. Click Run Report.





When using the Business Categories or All Business Categories options, there are distinct differences in the report results:

  • All Business Categories: Displays a comma separated list of all the business-type categories associated to the contact record.
  • Business Categories: Displays a separate line for each category attached to the business record.


When using the Membership options:

  • Memberships: Displays a comma-separated list of all active memberships
  • Primary Membership: Displays the primary membership name, level, and chapter
  • Primary Membership Type: Displays the primary membership name


See the following for Common Report Functions:

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