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Add Custom Fields to Event Registration Form
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You can easily create custom fields to add to the Event Registration form. For Example, if you are offering meal choices for your annual banquet, you can gather this information from registrants via custom fields. Custom fields may also be created for your internal use, for example, tracking table numbers. NOTE: If using Registration Version 2 of the events module, custom fields may be added to specific registration types.



  1. Click the plus icon in the Custom Fields section of the Attendee Setup tab to open the Add Event Custom Field window.

  2. If you have previously created a custom field for events, select it from the Use Existing Field list and click Done. If you are selecting a drop-down list, or multi-choice option, you will not have the ability to change the choices. NOTE: If you have "Enable Individual Custom Fields on Registration Form" selected in your Event Settings, you can also select from the Individual-type custom fields you have previously set-up for your contacts. When selecting an individual custom field, the field on the contact's More Info Tab will be updated.

    See Add Individual Custom Fields to your Event Registration Page for more information.
  3. If you are creating a brand new event registration custom field:
    • Enter a Name for the custom field. This is used internally in the database.
    • Enter a Display Name. This is the name that will be displayed on the registration form.
    • Give the field a description. (Optional)
    • Select the Custom Field Data Type. This is the type of response that you expect for this custom field. For Example: If you want to know if the attendee has any dietary restrictions, you can select the Yes No data type.
    • Group/Section. N/A for Event Registration custom fields.
    • The Characters Allowed option lets you define the number of characters that may be entered when a Text or Multi line text data type are selected. This must be populated.
  4. Configure the Properties for this custom field:
    Show on Event Registration: If you wish to include this on your registration form, tick this check-box.
    Required for Registrants: Enable this option if registrants must fill out this field.
    Required for Staff: Enable this option if staff is required to complete this field when registering someone from the back-office.
    Archived: Enable this option if you are no longer using this field.
  5. ADVANCED OPTIONS: Enable the Advanced Options checkbox.
    • External Data Source APU URL/Key Field Name: (TBD)
    • Applies to Registration Type: if this custom field is only applicable to one (or perhaps several but not all) registration types, you can select the specific types from this dropdown. Example: If you are having a golf tournament and are selling both golfer and observer tickets, and you need to know the golfer's handicaps, you would NOT need to know that from those purchasing observer tickets. You could select only the golfer-specific registration types; golfers would have that field on their registration, and observers would not.
  6. Click Done to save the new custom field.
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