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Event Invitations & Other Communications
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The Events Module provides a variety of ways to manage your event attendees, starting with sending invitations all the way through your post-event reports. Templates have been designed to help you easily communicate new events to your members, resend emails, send reminders, etc.



As you begin working with the Event Communications, consider customizing the various templates available:

  • Event Reminder Template: This template is used as the default if you have setup an automatic reminder for your event. It can also be sent manually. This template, by default will include the Event Confirmation Message you have entered on the Event's registration page.
  • Event Invite: You can use this template to invite contacts to your event. This template, by default includes all of your event details.


IMPORTANT:  The templates are "universal", allowing you to use them over and over again for new events. Merge fields, already included in the templates, will pull information specific to the event. You may simply wish to change introductory information on these templates. See Create and Manage Email Templates for more information.


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