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Cancel or Postpone an Event Manually
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It is unfortunate, but at times, you may find it necessary to postpone or cancel an event. If you choose not to use the automated options to postpone or cancel, you can update your event and perform accounting actions manually.



Here are some best practices for these situations:


  1. Update the Event Title/Description: You may simply wish to add "Postponed" or "Cancelled" after the name of the event. It might also be a good idea to add some further information in the description. Perhaps you are planning simply to postpone and want to let the public know this. The title and description can be updated on the event's Overview tab.
  2. Turn off on-line registration: To ensure that no additional registrations are received for the event, disable registration. Go to the Attendee Setup tab, and click the pencil icon for the Overall Registration Options section; when the edit window opens, de-select the "Enable Registration" option, and click "Done".
  3. Notify Registrants: Email your registrants as soon as you can, and if feasible, give everyone a call. You may also want to consider using social media and local news outlets to supplement your communications. To send an email to all the event registrants, click the purple Actions button on the far right and select the "Send Email to Registrants" option. Select a template if you've set on up, or type in your message. Include any links or documents pertinent to your message. Your email should be upbeat, and include details about refunds, future event date, etc. When your message is ready, select the "Send" option.
  4. Turn Off Event Reminder: If you have setup a reminder to automatically be sent to registrants, best practice is to turn off the reminder. The reminder may be turned off on the event's Overview tab, in the General Information section. NOTE: If you have edited the title and the description of the event, these changes would be included in the reminder if you have forgotten to turn off the reminder.
  5. Cancel the event: if you do decide it's best to completely cancel the event, you may want to set the status of your registrations to "Cancelled". This is optional, and can only be done by selecting "Cancel Registration" for each attendee. You can then perform any required accounting actions, such as voiding or writing off any unpaid invoices, or issuing refunds or credits to paid attendees.


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