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Sessions: Overview
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If you subscribe to the Expo module, you will have an option to add Sessions to your event (you can do this either when then event is created, or to an existing event). Sessions will allow you to schedule multiple "mini-events" within the event itself, occurring simultaneously, and your attendees will be able to select from a dropdown which session they wish to attend at which time.


Sessions can be mandatory to select, or optional, and can also have additional fees attached. They can also have Continuing Education components attached to them for credits/hours toward a certification. We will not be covering this scenario in this article; please see the Continuing Education documentation for more information.


As an example, let's say we have a large conference-type event. During the conference, there will be multiple optional sessions for attendees to attend. 


  1. Sessions will take place during 45 minute blocks (aka "timeslots"), with 15 minutes between each block of sessions.
  2. The first timeslot runs from 8am to 845am; the second from 9am to 945am; and the third from 10am to 1045am.
  3. Each timeslot will have three separate sessions for attendees to select from; in addition, they may opt-out and not attend any sessions in the timeslot.


  • 8am Timeslot
    • Session 1a
    • Session 2a
    • Session 3a
    • Not Attending
  • 9am Timeslot
    • Session 1b
    • Session 2b
    • Session 3b
    • Not Attending
  • 10am Timeslot
    • Session 1c
    • Session 2c
    • Session 3c
    • Not Attending


First, the timeslots will need to be created.



Once the timeslots are in place, the sessions within each timeslot will need to be created.



When complete, attendee registration will include the timeslots and the sessions within each timeslot.



IMPORTANT: Session selection WILL BE MANDATORY at registration UNLESS you select the "Allow Registration Without Session Selection" option in the Registration Form settings. If the "Allow Registration Without Session Selection" option in the registration form settings is selected then attendees do not have to select any sessions at all during the registration process and the "Not Attending" option may be omitted, but attendees may forget/miss the option to select any sessions at all.


Attendees may make changes to their session selection up to the date specified in the "Session Changes Allowed Until" option in the Overall Registration settings.

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