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Create a New Fundraising Campaign
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  1. Click Fundraising in the Navigation Panel. The Fundraising module will display a list of all of your fundraising campaigns.

  2. Click the Add New button.

  3. Configure the following settings:
    • Campaign Name: Enter a name for this new campaign. This will be the display name for the campaign.
    • Start Date and End Date: Enter the start and end dates. Donations may be accepted from start date to end date.
    • Description: Enter a description of the new campaign. The description will be displayed on the donation form for users to view.
    • Goal Amount: Enter your financial goals for this campaign.
    • Primary Contact: Enter the name of the primary contact for the campaign. The contact must exist in your database.
    • Receipt Template: Select the receipt template you wish to use for this campaign. Click here for details on managing and editing your templates. This will be the email sent in response to a donation.
    • Fundraising Status: Select the status of this campaign from the drop-down list.
    • Allow Invoicing: Select this option if you wish to allow staff to select to invoice. Invoicing would not be available to the donors.
    • Collect Donor Message: Select this check-box if you wish to allow a donor to enter a message.
    • Allow Tributes: Select this option if you wish to allow tributes. The donor can honor a specific donation in someone's name.
    • Allow User To Create Account / Login: Select this option if you wish to allow the donor to create log-in credentials to the Info Hub. This is best practice to allow the donor to store their credit card information and be able to pay bills on-line.
  4. Click Done.


NOTE: Once the new fundraiser is saved, a Donation Link will be available on the Donations Setup tab. This link may be added to your web-page or distributed via email.


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