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Flex- Overview & FAQ
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How the Flex Integration Works

GrowthZone uses an API to send a one-way sync to Flex. Because of the one-way nature of the GrowthZone-to-Flex integration, many updates (beyond the initial account creation) need to be performed directly in Flex in order to prevent duplicate records from being created.


Once live, updates are sent from GrowthZone to Flex every 5 minutes.

Flex FAQ

How often does Flex sync?

  • GrowthZone syncs to Flex every 5 minutes. The sync uses a one-way, GrowthZone-to-Flex update via an API call.

How do I know the last time a record synced with Flex?

  • On the Real Estate tab, in the MLS - Flex section, is a "Last Delivered to MLS" field that will have the date and time of the last time the record was synced with Flex. Records are only synced a) when the "Sync with MLS" option is set to Yes, and b) when a change to a synced field has been made in GrowthZone.

    You may also review the Event Log if you have recently made a change, to see if there are any errors being returned. 

What fields are required for a record to sync with Flex?


There may be additional fields required for your board's integration with Flex. These fields would have been set up and tested during your onboarding/data conversion process and can vary from board to board. If you do not know what these fields are for your board, please reach out to Flex to determine if there are any additional fields you should be including in your processes. Because GrowthZone supports so many REALTOR® associations, and each integration may differ depending on the MLS and/or board requirements, we cannot mark additional fields as required within GrowthZone. It is up to your association to document any additional required fields or rules.


How do I update a record for Flex?

How do I transfer an agent from one office to another?

How do I merge records in GrowthZone that are synced to Flex?

How do I fix an incorrect Flex ID in GrowthZone?

I have duplicates in Flex- how do I fix them?

  • Unfortunately, if improper updates have caused duplicate records in Flex, there isn't a way to clean those up through GrowthZone. You will need to perform those tasks in Flex. Please contact Flex directly for assistance if needed.

Flex isn't syncing- can I find out why?

  • Check your Event Log for any errors that may indicate a record is missing required information, or information isn't matching up. If you cannot determine the cause of the error or how to correct it, please visit the Support Portal and contact the GrowthZone support team by submitting a ticket, initiating a chat, or by calling in.
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